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Classical musicians in developing countries often cannot obtain such basic supplies as rosin, strings, reeds, and sheet music. Furthermore, they do not have access to instrument repair shops, resulting in their instruments becoming unplayable due to lack of basic maintenance. Global HeartStrings is dedicated to supporting these aspiring classical musicians.

Currently, we are gathering materials to send to countries such as Haiti, Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria.

Future plans for Global HeartStrings include sponsoring residencies for music teachers and instrument makers from America, and providing scholarships for musicians to study performance, pedagogy, and instrument repair in the U.S.

How You Can Help

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Please click here for examples of the kinds of materials that are needed by musicians in the developing world.

SUPPLY DONATIONS: Please click here for a printable supply donation form (Requires Adobe Acrobat reader - click here to download for free.)  Print a stack of donation forms and hand them out to all your friends!

SUPPLY DRIVE: Do you belong to a music school, music college/conservatory, youth orchestra, community orchestra, professional orchestra, church, or other community organization?  It's fun and easy to host your own supply gathering drive!  Please click here for more information.

SUPPLY BOX: Don’t have time to run a supply drive?  Put a supply box in your rehearsal room or teaching studio - click here for more information. 

FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Financial contributions are always needed to purchase additional items and to cover the cost of mailing packages of supplies.  Please click here to make a financial contribution.

IN-KIND DONORS: These generous companies have donated supplies: Alfred Publishing, D'Addario Strings, Thomastik-Infeld Strings, Shar Music, Cedille Records, and Seman Violins.  Please patronize these companies and thank them for their support of Global HeartStrings!

NETWORKING: Check out Global HeartStrings on MySpaceIf you use Facebook, be sure to join the Global HeartStrings group.

INSTRUMENTS: We also need instruments of all types and sizes!

Stories and Photographs

Sample Image Musicians from Nigeria


 Active ImageMusicians from Haiti

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